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About Us

The Majestic Experience

What sets our trail riding company apart from all others? Along with the stunning locations and beautiful horses, is the fact that we are a small, owner-operated company. This means we have the flexibility to custom tailor each ride to the liking of our riders.

Best Trail Riding Horses

What also sets us apart from any other trail riding company in the region is our AMAZING horses and mules. They are very well trained, have incredible personalities and just love going to work! We don’t put just any horse in our strings – only the very best horses are used to carry you and your fellow riders!

Meet the Majestic Outfitters herd; they are truly our family and will keep you wanting to come back, again and again, to experience more of the San Juan National Forest either by going on a longer ride, a new location or a camping/pack trip. Only the very best horses we know are used to carry you and your fellow riders!


Larry and Dusty

Larry and Dusty ride together most of the time.

Amy and Pistol

Amy is our Grulla Quarter horse brood mare (Grulla is the rarest of all horse colors). She passes on a kind temperament to her baby, Pistol. Pistol- quarter horse, he is very active and likes to put on a show at only two days old. No doubt he is a little pistol!

Apple Jack

Apple Jack is an Appaloosa. His former job was a barrel racer, but now he loves outfitting and being in nature where he often points out wildlife to his rider.


Comanche is a Mustang from Disappointment Valley. He loves people, is big and strong with a very brave nature.


Dusty is half mustang and half quarter horse. He is the perfect mountain companion and knows all the break spots.


Levi is a Navajo and a great mountain horse. He loves people almost as much as he likes grass.

Marzel and Cahill

Cahill doesn’t get far from his buddy. They wander around the ranch getting used to trails, rocks, and hills. They show good promise to become mountain horses some day.


Marzel is a Quarter horse yearling. He is learning to be good and is already very gentle.


Merlin is also Navajo. “Some of us are slow learners I am still in school and maybe a lifetime student. I haven’t gone to work yet.”


Oklahoma is a thoroughbred and a great horse that served us well. He retired last year.


Rosa is a thoroughbred. She liked to lead our two-hour rides with Larry. Rosa is currently on Maternity leave.

Rosa and Asor

Asor was born July 21st, Rosa will be back in the string summer 2012, Asor is already halter broke, loves people and shows a gentle temperament with a keen interest in the older horses, he watches intently as they get saddled and ready to take customers for a ride.


Tinker is our only Mule and loved by all. She has been outfitting in Pagosa Springs, Colorado her whole life and seems to be ageless from the exercise.


Pinto, Quarter horse, (Hewey) leads on the trail with Larry riding him, in his spare time he likes to play with the baby horses.